MIDS on Ship (MOS)

MIDS on Ship
MIDS on Ship

The MIDS On Ship system offers full interoperability with all Link 16 systems, and adds capability for 1000 watts of RF output power. MIDS on Ship is an LVT(5) with high power output (HPAG). The LVT(5) is an LVT(1) variant, minus TACAN, with special software to compensate for the ship environment.

The Core MOS system consists of three main LRUs:

  • the MIDS terminal
  • the Remote Power Supply (RPS)
  • and the High Power Amplifier Group (HPAG).

Since Link 16 shares operation with other systems in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) frequency band, the system is equipped with extensive interference protection features which effectively monitor radio frequency emission and mitigate interference to those systems in the event of out of specification Link 16 equipment condition.

Surface ship Link 16 connectivity

  • Platform I/O identical to existing JTIDS ship
  • Uses off-the-shelf MIDS core software
  • 200 or 1000 watts RF
  • SRU level bit supports 2 or 3 level maintenance
  • MIDS-based LRUs
  • Single antenna transmit/dual receive
  • 2 channel digital voice (2.4 and/or 16 KBS)
  • External notch filter for added 1030/1090 rejection