Multifunctional Information Distribution System
Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS)


MIDS JTRS replaces numerous legacy radios, reducing the need for excessive spares and logistics support. MIDS JTRS is a 4-channel radio designed to run the complex Link 16 waveform and up to three additional communication protocols, including the Airborne Networking Waveform (ANW). The terminal will also be able to host and provide the necessary computer processing to run routing and platform specific applications, allowing for lower cost integration into host platforms.

By utilizing software applications for expanded capability, the MIDS JTRS terminal enables enhanced operational effectiveness without consuming additional space, weight or power. Aircraft such as fighters, tankers, transport, command and control and rotary wing, along with maritime and fixed sites, are all potential users of the new communication and data link terminal.

MIDS JTRS features

  • Current Link 16 and TACAN functionality
  • Same physical footprint
  • Current MIDS connector configuration and position
  • Increased functionality
  • Positioned for future