Support equipment

Cooling tray

Cooling Tray

  • Supports MIDS LVT and RPS
  • Provides Forced Air Cooling and Mounting
  • Designed to fit on COTS 19” shelf
  • Power: 115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz
  • Optional adapter plates to meet existing mounting patterns
JTIDS Family


The Joint Tactical Information Distribution (JTIDS) integration test set (JITS) is a hardware and software test tool that was developed to satisfy the testing needs of the Class 2 JTIDS terminal users. This test tool interfaces to the terminal’s support port and functions without interfering with the normal host interface operations.

The intuitive Windows-based software suite facilitates troubleshooting and quick diagnosis of terminal problems in the field. This tool will support software maintenance, general terminal testing, and integration efforts, and is available in three hardware configurations:

  • Ruggedized laptop M092A136-01 – suitable for extreme environmental conditions, such as on the flight line or flying in aircraft.
  • Desktop PC M092A136-02 – suitable for the laboratory or office environment.
  • Luggable PC M092A136-03 – used where more moderate environmental changes would occur, such as aircraft hangers and maintenance bays where AC power is available.
MIDS field test equipment


The MFTE is one of a comprehensive suite of automated terminal testers. The MIDS field test equipment (MFTE) can be used for I-level testing. Designed for testing flexibility, it features a mature software suite and intuitive controls.

This adaptable system supports built-in test (BIT), stand-alone and two-terminal testing. Its powerful portable computer houses all the interface cards necessary for control and system communication functions. The MFTE supports functional testing, field repairs, integration and software maintenance.

Multifunctional Informations Distribution System (MIDS)­ Interface Simulator (IS)

MIDS Interface Simulator (MIDS IS)

  • The MIDS interface simulator (MIS) is the primary integration tool used by European platform integrators. It is a mature design with more than thirty systems deployed.
  • The MIS is capable of generating and evaluating scenarios in either of two operational modes.
  • In terminal simulation mode, the MIS operates the operational flight program hosted on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. The MIS may also host these programs on MIDS SRUs (flight hardware).
  • In network simulation mode, the commercial hardware operates as a host platform while providing for the mounting, cooling and power provisions of a MIDS terminal.
  • Whatever mode of operation is selected, the testing effort will be maximized as a result of the integration of the MIS and the operational flight hardware and software.
Terminal Acceptance Test Station

MIDS Terminal Acceptance Test Station (TATS)

Terminal Acceptance Test Station

  • Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
  • Software Formal Qualification Test (SFQT)
  • Functional Performance Test (FPT)

Simulated Real-Time Operational Environment

  • Full Emulation of Host Platform Interfaces
  • Drives a Second Terminal To Simulate Link-16 Network

Simulates High Traffic Environment

  • Mission Loads

Provides Test Environment

  • To Evaluate System Segment Specification (SSS) Requirements 

Processes Test Data “On-the-Fly”

  • To Evaluate Terminal Performance
Mobile Integration & Test Environment

Mobile Integration & Test Environment (MITE)

The MITE is used for training, testing, simulation, and integration.

Portable Crates

  • Two Person Lift
  • 19" Rack Enclosures
  • Displays: Dual 17" SXGA

Terminal Unit

  • LVT Mounting tray
  • RPS Mounting Tray
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • 1553 Coupler + Terminator
  • 280Vdc Power Supply
  • Weight: 174 lbs (79.1 kg)
  • Height: 23.6 in (60 cm)
  • Width:22.6 in (57.5 cm)
  • Depth: 37.6 in (95.5 cm)
  • Cooling blower
  • GPS Receiver mounting & cabling provisions
  • Discretes Control Panel
  • JTIDS Voice Amplifier

Operating Environment

  • Temp: 10°C to +30°C
  • Well Suited for Use in Hangars, Maintenance Bays

Processor Unit

  • Processor Personal Computer
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • 1553 Coupler + Terminator
  • 2U rack-mount keyboard + touchpad & dual 17” display
  • Weight: 156 lbs (71 kg)
  • Height: 16.6 in (42.2 cm)
  • Width: 22.6 in (57.5 cm)
  • Depth: 37.6 in (95.5 cm)


MITS-232 is available in versions for the MIDS-FDL and MIDS-LVT

MIDS Terminal Support

  • Terminal Software Loader / Verifier
  • Network File Loader
  • Terminal Control / Monitor / Diagnostics
  • BIT Analysis
  • Windows XP Environment

Provides Two Levels of Status Displays

  • Exercises Built-In-Test and Interprets Results for Field Maintainers
  • Accesses MIDS Diagnostic Data for Troubleshooting in Shop

Saves Terminal Initialization Data to ASCII Format

  • Loads and Verifies Terminal Software
  • Runs User-Defined Diagnostic Scripts
  • Read and Write Terminal Data per the Air Force Specified Standard Format
  • Multi-Platform Support

Portable/Hand Held Device

  • Handheld: 9" x 12.5" x 3"
  • Display: Color VGA with Pen-Based Tablet
  • Light Weight: Approx. 5 Lbs.
  • Rugged, Impact Resistant
  • Temp: -40°C to +70°C
  • Sealed Against Rain and Dust 


  • CPU: 800 MHz Mobile Intel Pentium3
  • I/O:  PC Interfaces through Dock
  • I/O: Terminal Interfaces via PCMCIA
  • Also built in USB Serial Port
RPS Tester

RPS Tester

(Remote Power Supplied)

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  • Luggable: 
  • Display: 
  • Weight:  18