Data Link Solutions Supports Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefits Policy

14 Feb. 2012

— Data Link Solutions, (DLS), a joint venture of BAE Systems and Rockwell Collins, and a supplier of military Link 16 communication solutions, has successfully fulfilled an obligation to support Canada’s Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) Policy. DLS support of the Canadian Forces CF-18 modernization program has aided the IRB initiative to ensure that Canadian industry benefits from government defense and security procurement.

In working with Canadian industry, DLS has developed Canadian partnerships that will provide long-term benefits to Canadians by utilizing a combination of in-country component purchases, university research and development projects, the establishment of a local scholarship fund, and other investments.

The establishment of a repair facility for Link 16 products will generate Canadian jobs, while scholarships and research and development projects will encourage students to develop skills in aircraft electronics design and maintenance. Investments in Canadian Light Source, Canada’s national synchrotron research facility in Saskatoon, Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Dalhousie University in Halifax and the College of the North Atlantic in Newfoundland and Labrador, reflect DLS’s commitment to benefit all regions of Canada. 

“DLS’s support of the IRB initiative is just one example of how we are interested in developing long-term relationships with our customers and investing in the regions where we do business,” said DLS Director Heather Neff.  “We find this to be a win-win situation, as DLS benefits from research and development activities and the quality work of Canadian component suppliers, while Canada enjoys the benefits of long-term, high-value jobs.”

DLS and its parent companies, BAE Systems and Rockwell Collins, continually work to bring back value to the Canadian economy with each contract awarded to them.  To date, DLS has met or exceeded all industrial benefit commitments, anywhere in the world where it does business.

About Data Link Solutions

Data Link Solutions was established in 1996 by two of the world leaders in military communications, Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems, to pursue next generation Link 16 applications. DLS is a leading supplier of Link 16 terminals and software, as well as logistics and support services for air, land and sea-based platforms with a heritage of more than 20 years of Link 16 design and production experience with more than 5,000 Link 16 systems delivered worldwide. DLS has provided MIDS terminals for more than 40 different platforms in 28 countries with product offerings that include the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System Class 2 family, the Multi-functional Information Distribution System (MIDS) LVT and LVT-3 Fighter Data Link, MIDS LVT-2, MIDS-On-Ship, the URC-138 Link 16 terminal, and various country-unique data links. DLS is the only company to provide all LVT variants including the Fighter Data Link and the LVT-2/11 and has added MIDS-JTRS to its offerings.