Sales & Repair

DLS can provide complete spares and repair parts solutions by providing recommended levels or by participation in logistics planning conferences and provisioning meetings.

Spare LRUs

A recommended level of LRUs will be prepared and submitted to the customer for approval. This recommendation will consider operating/on hours, operating environment, predicted reliability, repair pipeline times, repair turn around times and other factors in order to provide an optimized quantity recommendation.

Spare SRUs

Recommended SRU spare lists will also be prepared and submitted for customer action. All relevant factors will be included in the spare SRU model to provide optimum sparing activity.

Repair parts

Batteries and other expendables/consumables will be included in our repair provisioning recommendations. The MIDS has no routine maintenance requirements and batteries are the only consumable. DLS recognizes however, that some customers may have special operational considerations and we are prepared to offer support to cover all contingencies.