AN/URC-138(V)1(C) Link 16 Low Volume Terminal (LVT)

AN/URC-138(V)1(C) Link 16 Low Volume Terminal
AN/URC-138(V)1(C) Link 16 LVT

The AN/URC-138(V)1(C) Information Distribution System provides anti-jam protected, encrypted, high throughput data distribution. It’s low cost, makes Link 16 participation affordable.  The small size and low weight of the URC-138 terminal make it suitable for a broad variety of other platforms. URC-138 terminal is waveform, message format and network compatible with existing Link 16 systems.

The terminal provides Link 16 interoperability between the U.S. tri-services and NATO forces. Link 16 provides at-a-glance situation awareness by providing threat, target and friendly ID, position and status information among participating platforms in near real time, with anti-jam security without any voice communication. The terminal provides full stacked net capacity, up to 128, and full Link 16 data throughput.

The system can automatically exchange information from a variety of platform sensors. This can include functions such as IR and optics scan, target identification and steering commands. Real-time data updates can also be used to provide landing cues. In addition to robust data communication, the URC-138 terminal also provides two voice ports to enable secure voice communication in a jamming environment. Terminals have been in production since December 1999.