U.S. Navy Moves Ahead with Data Link Solutions’ Shipboard Network Upgrade Systems

May 2014

— Data Link Solutions (DLS), a joint venture between Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems, has received a $62 million contract to upgrade the major data communications systems on U.S. Navy surface ships, known as the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) on Ship Modernization (MOS Mod) program. The company will perform ship modernization of the MIDS Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS) and MIDS-Low Volume Terminal (MIDS-LVT) to enable a more effective exchange of text and imagery data between naval ships, military aircraft and ground forces.

"As sole developer of the MOS systems deployed to U.S. Government and Allied Forces platforms, DLS is well positioned to deliver the unique network-centric warfare capabilities and combined expertise of both Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems to strengthen shipboard interface protocols," said Joe Senftle, vice president and general manager of Communications and Control Solutions at BAE Systems.

MOS Mod is a top priority program for the U.S. Navy. Managed by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, MOS Mod seeks to alleviate obsolescence and supportability issues of the MIDS shipboard system, allowing military aircraft and ground forces to share the tactical picture in near-real time.

"DLS's proven track record of delivering MOS terminals for the past 12 years will enable complex Link 16 project goals involving MOS technology upgrades," said Mike Jones, vice president and general manager of Communication and Navigation Products at Rockwell Collins.

Work for the initial three-year contract will be performed at DLS facilities in Wayne, New Jersey, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Competitively procured by DLS, this indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity development and production contract includes options that would extend the company’s work through 2022.

About Data Link Solutions

DLS was established in 1996 by two of the world leaders in military communications, Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems, to pursue next-generation Link 16 applications. DLS is a leading supplier of Link 16 terminals and software, as well as logistics and support services for air, land, and sea-based platforms. The company has a heritage of more than 25 years of Link 16 design and production experience, with more than 6,500 Link 16 systems delivered worldwide.

DLS has provided MIDS terminals for more than 40 different platforms in 38 countries. Product offerings include the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System Class 2 family, the Multi-functional Information Distribution System (MIDS) LVT and LVT-3 Fighter Data Link, the MIDS-LVT-2, the MIDS-On-Ship, the URC-138 Link 16 terminal, TacNet™ Tactical Radio, and various country-unique data links. DLS is the only company to provide all LVT variants including the Fighter Data Link and the LVT-2/11 and has added MIDS JTRS to its offerings.